Lead Pastor

Stephen Banks

Coming to Hope United Church in 2003 at the age of 23, Stephen and Kristina helped the church find a new identify, make diversity a reality, and focus the church around being a hope-filled place that invests in the community.  Stephen has a gift of preaching that connects to people from all walks of life. If you do not see him at the church, he is probably coaching his kids in soccer or playing basketball.  Though Cleveland is their home, they would not mind if God called to plant a satellite church in Florida!   


Campus Pastor --Healing

Marcella Rivera

Marcella joined our church in 2022 looking to plant a healing ministry in Cleveland for those dealing with trauma.  She believes that God is the healing that people need and that you have to walk with the people through healing.  Marcella challenges Christians to listen to people rather than fix the problem or person.  The goal would be to launch this ministry in 2023 and have ministers of healing all around Cleveland.  Marcella also works with a great nonprofit, Building Hope in the City. 


Pastor to Families with Children

Carolyn Joseph

Cleveland born and raised!  Coming to Hope United Church in 2012, Carolyn established a growing kid and teen ministry.  She has a heart for kids and lives out her ministry as a foster parent.  Carolyn enjoys spending time with her family, playing board games, and amusement parks! 


Graphic and Design

Erin Mitchell

Coming to Hope United Church at the age of 16, Erin was looking for a church that would allow them to be themselves and use their creative gifts.  Erin loves video games and cats, but not necessarily video games about cats.  


Campus Pastor/Missionary to Cleveland

James Laker 

James moved with his family to Cleveland in 2019 to help plant churches in greater Cleveland and coordinate mission work between churches in Cleveland.  Our goal is to have a missionary in each of Cleveland's 59 towns and municipalities.  James is the director of Mission 59.  Find out more info on their site


Our Staff

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