Core Values


We believe love changes everything. Jesus’ love for us changed the world. Our love for Jesus transforms us. Love for our city will impact it.


We believe the church matters. The Church is the group of people who come together to make God's name great! Jesus speaks when the church gathers. He is honored and moves when we gather.


Because we serve God who has gifted us with diversity of race and experiences and gifting. We seek to honor that within our church.  There is space for any person to come to God's table.


It’s not just who you know, but it’s who knows you that matters most. We are a church of groups. We don’t think anyone should do life alone.


We are a church dedicated to serving our city and meeting real, tangible needs. We want to partner with the amazing people who are making amazing things happen.


We believe Jesus is worthy of all of our passion. We pour everything we have into everything we do.

Our Essentials

Everything we do is centered around leading people through our four essentials of H.O.P.E

Honoring God

Overcoming Barriers

Promoting Growth

Empowering People


Honoring God

Everything we do is to bring honor and glory to God. The symbol we use is an altar that reminds us to honor God through praise, sacrifice, and obedience.

Overcoming Obstacles

We are called to help remove obstacles and help overcome barriers in their life.  We will not be a church that adds obstacles but helps people to find a way through difficulties.  God reminds us of this as he parts the Red Sea before the Israelites as the Egyptian army had them stuck.  Nothing is too hard for our God!

Promoting Growth

God cares about our growth and so do we. We want people to move forward in their faith and take those next steps. We want God to expand our reach and help us do tomorrow what we cannot do today.  The image we use to remember this value is the Cross because Jesus died so that we may abundantly live!

Empowering Others

We are only as successful as we can empower others.  God gave us the Holy Spirit to empower us and He calls us to raise up other people.  We empower as we invite people into the life of the church, invest in others, and move out of the way so new people can lead.